Dear ,

At Satisfyer, our promise to constantly deliver outstanding innovation to the Sex Tech category is stronger than ever, and we are proud to announce that Satisfyer has been awarded TWO CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree – among brands like Dell, JBL, LG, Samsung, Sony – for BOTH our Satisfyer Connect app and our Satisfyer Love Triangle! 

In fact, Satisfyer is the only sexual wellness brand who received any awards this year – a huge testament to our innovation with Satisfyer Connect, and forward thinking approach in the category. 

Satisfyer was selected as a winner because we showcased innovative design and engineering features that scored highly across the evaluation criteria.  Not only did we develop award-winning technology, but at the same time, we’ve maintained our value proposition of the highest quality at affordable prices for everyone.


Satisfyer æ‰¿è«¾ä¸æ–·åœ¨æ€§æŠ€è¡“類別提供卓越創新,這個承諾比以往任何時候都更加強大,我們自豪地宣布,Satisfyer å·²ç²å¾—兩個CES®2021創新獎,這個創新獎得獎品牌包括Dell、JBL、LG、三星、索尼,而我們的 Satisfyer Connect æ‡‰ç”¨ç¨‹åºåŠ Satisfyer Love Triangle ä¹Ÿç²å¾—這個殊榮!

實際上,Satisfyer æ˜¯ä»Šå¹´å”¯ä¸€ç²å¾—任何獎項的性健康品牌,這充分證明了我們在 Satisfyer Connect æ–¹é¢çš„創新以及該類別中的前瞻性思維方法。

Satisfyer ä¹‹æ‰€ä»¥è¢«é¸ç‚ºç²çŽè€…,是因為我們展示了在評估標準中得分很高的創新設計和工程功能。我們不僅開發了屢獲殊榮的技術,而且在同一時間,我們一直堅持以人人都能負擔得起的價格提供最高質量的價值主張。